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Hello Amour Woods

Massage Oil

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Hello Amour Woods is a blend of grapeseed and wheat germ oils and contains bergamot, rose geranium, mandarin and neroli essential oils. It gives off an energizing, herbal fragrance with soft, sweet accents. Bringing this oil to your massage will feel like a day at the spa. It works fantastically for all types of massage. With an excellent feel, it glides across skin for a smooth and silky touch. Our massage oils also come in a variety of other scents, such as Lotus, Shea Cashmere, Sandalwood, Apricot.

For a night of fun, take the old game of strip poker and add a new twist. Instead of playing this game with cards, ask each other personal questions. If you ask your partner a question and they get it wrong, they need to take a sip of wine and take off one piece of your clothing. Yes, that’s right your clothing. The losing partner must then use the Hello Amour massage oil on the body area where he/she removed the clothing article. The more questions you get wrong the more fun this game gets, so let’s make it hard!

Color clear
Formula Bergamot, Neroli Essential Oils, Rose Geranium
Scents woods
Volume 4 oz

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Reviews From Our Customers:

woods Review by roman
I havent tried any of their other scents but i will because this one smells amazing. def. getting the candle too (Posted on 11/14/14)