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Hello Condoms

Pack of 12

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Pack of 12 - One® 576 Sensations® come in packs of twelve. Not only are condoms one of the most effective forms of contraception, but they also protect against most sexually transmitted diseases. Do not forget to always have one of these on hand just in case. These condoms are FDA-approved and feature a unique design.

We all know it is first priority to be safe during intercourse, so besides the fact that you should always use a condom, make it sexy. Have your partner put the condom on for you or put it on for your partner. Glide is down slowly and either you or your partner will feel the tightness ensue and continue engaging in foreplay while doing so to make sure that the most important player stays firm.

Color clear

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I feel the skin better Review by Ellen
Everyone of them is different so it is more exiting, I loooove it thanks ;) (Posted on 12/2/14)